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Relationships have challenges. Challenges are normal. Challenges have solutions.

Welcome to a practical coaching experience. One where the cause of your difficulty is quickly identified addressed.

You may be facing relationships that are difficult and challenging. You have goals that seems unreachable. Habits that feel unbreakable. Desires that appear unattainable. 

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For years you have tried all the solutions you know. You have taken many different approaches. You have been more intense. You have decided not to care. The list goes on I'm sure. Yet here you are continuing to look for a solution.

The solution is here. I work with people like you everyday to guide them through the process of resolving the toughest moments they face.

Life happens, and you are faced with a choice.

Will you be able to fix it yourself, or are you going to call a professional?

It’s time you meet with a relationship coach.

Maybe you have told a friend all about your problems and they couldn’t help. Or, maybe you tried counseling in the past.

Why will this experience be different?

By focusing less on the "fight of the week" and more on the underlying relationship conflict, I will coach you to begin to think and communicate in a new way. These are skills you will learn and be able to use through out your life.

Imagine when you can experience conflict in a relationship, have a conversation, and then feel connected. Different than the conflict, fight, and distance that you may be feeling now.

You are ready for something different.

Lets face it. You are in constant conflict. It doesn't seem to matter what the topic is, the fight is the same.

I bet there was a time when your relationship had it all, but that feels like a memory. You have invested so much into the relationship and you are willing to put in the work to make it better. But how? Where?


I can work with you alone, or together with your partner!

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Calling a relationship professional will lead you to a life of contentment, connection, and confidence.

I make it my responsibility as your guide to navigate you down the path to the best outcome. To your desired destination.

A destination full of possibility. A place where you can be the best you, you can be.


Don’t wait around hoping things will get better. Begin to create habits that develop the results you want with a coach who knows how.

You’re here and that means you’re ready.

To reduce the conflict

To grow the romance

To make the best life

To become the best of friends.

To stay the best of friends

You’ve already taken the first step. This simple fact creates tremendous hope and potential! When you are willing to work on their relationship, opportunities for the future are limitless.

The energy is here.

You’ve got potential.

Believe it.

Every relationship has the potential for improvement.

Every relationship can benefit from dedicated focused time and energy.

Every relationship experiences conflict; but there’s also joy, fulfillment, and room to grow!

Let’s sit down, take some control of the relationship, improve it, and make it last.

Modern Love

The best is yet to come.

In a simple, 20-minute session at no cost to you, I’ll show you the value that coaching can create.

What are you waiting for?

Sit down with me today.

We can talk about your relationship goals, and I can share more about my approach to making them your reality.

Let’s improve your relationship today – in a short mini session I can help you see how your conflict has a resolution.


Begin your journey to a better relationship. Call me at (763) 412-1992.  I look forward to meeting you!

Why Coaching?

Have you ever watched a video of yourself talk or perform an activity? You might have noticed something about the way you talked or moved that you never realized before. Hiring a coach is similar--but for your life and relationships. Its like a mirror that can show you your thinking, feelings, and actions. A great coach can slow you down enough so you can notice and understand your behaviors and tendencies. This is a critical piece to changing your life because the way you behave effects how the world interacts with you. Together we can begin to understand what is actually in our control.

You can keep doing what you have always done. Keep thinking that you can figure this out by yourself. Keep using the same approaches to solving the same problems. Or you could take a new approach. Let someone guide you through a proven process to figure out the cause of your problem. I am there as a guide and as accountability. To show you through your problem but to also keep you moving toward change and not slipping into the old patterns that have held you back from accomplishing what you really truly want.

How is this different than therapy?

You might have tried therapy and found yourself spending time walking through your past memories. Reliving, retelling, and trying to reprocess what happened then, how your parents treated you, or why things went the way they went.

While therapy can be so useful, many people feel that they need something more. Here at Pivotal Approach Coaching we have the tools to bring you forward to change what you are doing today so you will have a different outcome tomorrow. I practice what is call causal coaching meaning we don't simply tell you what to do, we examine the cause of you current problems and learn how to adjust the behavior at its source. We know that by solving the cause we can ensure that you experience a positive change in your life. You also learn the tools to do this yourself so if future problems arise, you are fully capable of handling them, you can become your own coach on so many other problems you face!

Who can I help?

While I focus on relationships in conflict. I am able to utilize my training to help in many different areas. A few of the areas that I have helped others are

  • Mood improvement

  • Parenting

  • Goal achievement

  • Habit creation/breaking

  • Dating/pre-marriage coaching

  • Lack of motivation

  • Getting unstuck

  • Life improvement

  • Life/work challenges

  • Overuse(food, alcohol, drugs, sex/porn)

  • Shame and guilt

  • Manage your mind around ANY problem you have!

I think you get the message. Our tools help you manage your mind and your mind manages you. I can take any problem you have and show you how to make it better. Let me show you today!

FREE 20 MIN Mini Session

3 Steps to Improve your Relationship

1. Schedule a free 20 minute mini session

2. Productive virtual sessions that teach you the tools you need

3.Lasting change for your relationships, for your life

Hi, I'm Brett....

I am a former DIYer who now believes in hiring professionals.

In my life, I have had many opportunities to “take on the project myself.”

Whether it be around the house, in the yard or on an engine, I always thought I could do it just as good as the professionals.

However, each project I completed has the unmistakable fingerprints of a DIYer. When you don’t do it for a living, it usually shows…and takes twice as long.

Somewhere along the way, I decided one thing…


If I want to enjoy the results of what I am working on, if I want to have it done right, I need to hire a professional.

True to my word, I am now quick to invest my time and money into working with the right people for each job.

I have noticed that each professional I have hired has allowed me to focus on the things that matter most. Life clicks into a new gear and I am able to function at a higher level.

So today, you have a choice.

You can choose to improve your thinking and relationship on your own. Or you can hire a professional.

Getting help is a big step in getting to a healthier more productive place in your life.